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Wedding Monogram

Wedding Monograms have arrived in the Algarve!

Your wedding day should be about you… Thats why we always put you first. Everything we do, our packages, pricing, personalisation and those extra special touches, is about you getting the once in a lifetime experience you deserve on your big day.

Wedding Monograms are an amazing addition to any wedding reception. We have the ability to not only display these stunning monograms on a wall or floor, but also on the TV screens of our personalised and ultimate DJ packages.

We fully personalise every monogram just for you and we have not only a very wide range for you to choose from but you also have the option to have an exclusive monogram created just for you.

If you book a DJ package with us for a wedding in 2017 then you can take advantage of our super special offer and pay absolutely nothing! That’s right… FREE!

What are Monograms?

Monograms are digital personalised images which can be shown on a wall space in your reception venue. The selection below gives you examples of the what a monogram looks like.

Monograms when they are displayed in your reception venue are shown in white on the wall. But they can also be displayed on the floor or even on the outside of a villa.

When mixed with our amazing lighting the effects are truly stunning.

Below are a selection of our monograms. You can choose a design and we will personalise it for you. If you already have your own monogram, we can digitise yours and use that on your special day.

Monogram 01

Monogram 02

Monogram 03

Monogram 04

Monogram 05

Monogram 06

Monogram 07

Monogram 08

Monogram 09

Monogram 10

Monogram 11

Monogram 12

Monogram 13

Monogram 14

Monogram 15

Monogram 16

Monogram 17

Monogram 18

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